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John J. Rust

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Author John Rust’s full-time job is a radio sports reporter and play-by-play announcer, which is thereby, reflected in his writings. Rust does not stick to one genre. How can he when he has so many interests? His love of science fiction and action/adventure spawned his monster hunter series featuring Army Ranger Jack Rastun and wildlife photographer Karen Thatcher battling some of the deadliest creatures in the world.

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Inspired by a love of history, John published “Weird and Interesting Stuff from World War II” covering the more offbeat aspects of that conflict from the plan to use bomb-carrying bats to a U-boat sunk by its own toilet. Afterward, he branched out into historical fiction with the time travel adventure “Red Portal,” which sees tank commander Gabe Elarton lead his soldiers back to 1950 to stop a modern-day North Korean armored regiment from defeating General MacArthur at the Battle of Incheon. The hard-hitting military action is also on display in John’s Fallen Eagle trilogy as the U.S. battles the UN on American soil.

Along with John’s wildly popular science fiction and action/adventure novels, some of his other books cover subjects such as weird and dumb team names, the hysterical head-scratching and sad stories of teams and leagues that went bust after just a year or two of existence, and all-time teams based on franchises like the Phillies and Red Sox or states like Arizona and Pennsylvania.