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Vitaly Friedman

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Demon Flyer

When all hope appears lost, the Martians have one last, desperate plan to try, and if successful, it could mean the end for all humanity.

  • Publisher: ‎ John J Rust (February 24, 2020)
  • Publication date:  (February 24, 2020)


For decades a terrifying flying monster has been reported throughout Indonesia. It is known as the Ropen, the local term for “Demon Flyer.” A survivor from prehistoric times, it is large, deadly . . . and hungry for human flesh.

When fishing boats go missing in the Java Sea, Jack Rastun, Karen Thatcher, and their team of monster hunters from the FUBI are brought in to track down the beast. They soon learn there is not one Ropen, but an entire colony. But standing in their way is a group of activists determined to preserve the Ropen by any means necessary.

With politics and social media outrage tying his hands, Rastun must find a way to overcome his human adversaries or watch the Demon Flyers devour the population of an entire island . . . along with him and his team.